Period Drama Articles

Willow and Thatch writes articles about several aspects related to the historical period drama movie genre, including News & ReviewsThemes & Topics, what’s Streaming online, and History and Costumes

You’ll also want to see The Period Films List, which shares the best period dramas from the Tudor & Stuart, Georgian & Regency, Victorian, and Edwardian time periods, sorted by era. There are also lists created by theme, like Family-Friendly and Christmas Classics. This searchable master list is updated regularly and includes descriptions of the costume dramas, reviews and ratings, so you can search by title or even for “romantic” or “Jane Austen” or “adaptation.” The link in the title of the film will take you to where you can stream the movie or TV series. Coming soon are lists of WWI, Interwar, WWII, and Post-war choices. 

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