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Below is a sampling of feedback from our readers: 

Love this site!! It is my zen! – Julia

The best recommendation list of carefully edited suggestions that I have come across. – Kathleen T.

Your site is so beautiful, it’s addictive! – Pam D.

Absolutely divine reading, this is by far the best blog I have ever read on the subject of movie costume and period dramas. I have even found a few movies that I didn’t know about and have ordered them to watch. Just wonderful… – Wendy M.

Such a great font of info!! I always come to look and see what’s coming up!! Love, love, LOVE this site!! – Nikki S.

This site is like a friend to me! Thank you. I shared it by email to friends. – Marriane

Can’t thank you enough for so much wonderful information and titles. You have made my life better. – Sue

I always check out your site first these days when looking for a new movie to watch. Thanks! – Alison

Last night at dinner, I found myself telling my husband how much I enjoyed receiving your e-mails and how many interesting stories and shows I’ve found because of your newsletter. Thank you for what you do! – Jessie

I am telling all my friends now about Willow and Thatch – my new favorite source for all things period drama! – Jerome

Thoroughly enjoy your website and it is very useful in finding excellent films I would have otherwise missed out on. Thank you. – Peggy

Thank you Willow and Thatch, please keep doing YOU!!! – Jennifer C.

Your website is a treasure trove. <3 – Melinda W.

I am ever so appreciative of all your hard work compiling lists and alerting me to things I haven’t seen before. So thank you very much! – Beth G

What an incredibly beautiful site! I am so thrilled to have found it! – Claudia V.

My mother and I watch period dramas together, such as “North and South” and “Persuasion.” When I was about to enter my senior year of high school, we celebrated by watching the show “Cranford.” Now we both look forward to Willow and Thatch’s posts for new period pieces that we can become obsessed with. – Monet

Lovely and informative history! Thank you. – Lilli

Thank you so very, very much!! I do so dearly appreciate you sharing these magical “secrets” with us, to delight our days with. Thank you!! – Piet

Thanks so much for this lovely website. I spent nearly 20 years working in a costume workroom for a variety of theatres around the U.S. And I so appreciate a good period costume! It’s good to find a new source of excellent movies and TV series online. – Vicki A.

I’m really glad I discovered your website! So many movies/series that I’ve never heard of or had almost forgotten about. – Katy S.

This is the best site. – Jennifer L.

I am so content to have found Willow and Thatch. I love period films, and there are so many I didn’t even know about. – Susanne D

Love, love, love this website! – Kelly G.

Your website is a vital resource for anyone loving period films/television. I’ve discovered so many gems, thank you – GREAT WORK <3 – Natalia

I really treasure this website – finally – one that matches my personal interest down to a “T”. – Patrice

I am so glad to have found your site!! – Jennifer

Thank you for this list! This is now my touchstone for African-American Period movies. I’ve watched a lot of these titles but there are some more obscure gems I wasn’t aware of. The time, effort and research you input is appreciated. – Rachel

Love what you do. – Diana H

What a lovely site! I feel I have found a great treasure! – Kelly G.

Came upon your website while searching for pinafores and find it charming and delightful. I’ll be returning to visit to read all your little gems. – Katharine E.

I just started following Willow & Thatch recently and I’ve already found plenty of new period dramas to watch thanks to you guys! – Susan

I just stumbled on your website and I must say, it is delightful! – Cynthia A.

Love this website!! Thanks for keeping me up-to-date on all these period dramas I never knew existed 🙂 – Nicki

Thank you for keeping us informed and aware of the pieces of time gone by available for us to enjoy. I so look forward to your newsletter each week and the treasure it contains. – Carolyn

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Desperate Romantics was amazing and I never knew it was out there until I read it on Willow and Thatch! – Cynthia

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I’m a huge fan and I absolutely am thankful for your site <3 – Lucy

Willow & Thatch – A great little find and full of interesting info, I just love period dramas. – Anthony W.

Love your newsletter. – Darla

“The Post Downton Abbey Survival Guide” is such an amazing resource! – Anne

THANK YOU for all the research you do to bring us news of new period films! With the discontinuation of some of the other period movie sources, I am so thankful for the foundation of your website. – Bronwyn C.

Thanks so much for these documentary and movie titles ~ just awesome! – T.D.

Love the links provided! And I thought I had seen every period drama possible! – Jacque

I found some new ones to go watch – and some wonderful memories in these selections. Now I have to go watch them all. Thank you! – Nancy R. 

What a gift! So glad I found you today. Thank you. – Genevieve

I love your website sooooo much. I follow you and love your posts about movies because you have given me quite a few to watch that I didn’t know about. – Erika

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I am so happy I found this site! I love Period Film and now I have so many options to explore. Thank You! – Sabine

Acorn TV, courtesy of Willow and Thatch, is THE find of the year for me! – Stella D.

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I love Willow and Thatch and thank you for all the info you provide; it really helps me. – Rita P.

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I’m thrilled to be here at the very beginning of your Willow and Thatch journey. What a wonderful and time consuming task you’ve started! I write historical fiction and plan to visit you often. The films and books you mention here are dear to the hearts of my readers. Keep up the great work! – Jenni B.

I will be watching so many of these films! It’s one of my favorite things to do in winter. Great period film, slippers, blanket, fire place, and a cup of tea….. – Stacy M.

Fantastic listing of all the shows I love and many I now am looking forward to seeing!! Thank you! – Ronda

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I love your website, for it is lovely. – Christina P.