Last Updated on April 6, 2023

Fans of cozy murder mysteries have had their prayers answered. BritBox, the BBC / ITV streaming service loaded with British tele for North America, now offers two seasons of “Sister Boniface Mysteries,” the spin-off of the long-running BBC “Father Brown” period mystery series.

Lorna Watson in Sister Boniface Mysteries, courtesy BBC Studios

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The BritBox Original “Sister Boniface Mysteries” is a light-hearted murder mystery set deep in the British countryside, and stars Lorna Watson (Father Brown, Horrible Histories) as a clever, Vespa-driving, crime-solving Catholic nun.

The British period series also features familiar faces, including Mark Williams, that “Father Brown” fans will certainly recognize.

With 10 all-new episodes, Season 2 premieres in the US on April 4, 2023. Watch the trailers for Season 1 and 2 below, and stream the series through BritBox or here on Prime Video

In Season 1 of “Father Brown“, the BBC series about a local priest who often finds himself solving the town’s biggest crimes, two nuns are murdered. Father Brown investigates in the convent with the help of Sister Boniface (Lorna Watson), a young nun keen on detective fiction.

The Bride of Christ Sister Boniface is back as the head sleuth with her own cozy mystery series. “Sister Boniface Mysteries” serves up light-hearted murder mysteries set in rural Warwickshire, England during the 1960s.

When the series opens, Sister Boniface is busy indulging her addiction to popular detective fiction and making wine at St Vincent’s Convent, but she’s about to become a secret weapon for the Great Slaughter Constabulary.

Boniface (in a role reprisal by Watson) is made the official Police Scientific Advisor. At a time when police forensics is rudimentary, Boniface’s I.Q. of 156, her PHD in forensic science and fully equipped crime laboratory make the nun a huge asset to the police.

Working alongside the dashing maverick and charming Detective Inspector Sam Gillespie, Sister Boniface uses advanced scientific techniques to track down killers.

Sister Boniface Mysteries, courtesy BBC Studios

DNA is yet to be discovered. Blood testing can take days. The notion of trace evidence is in its infancy and the preservation of crime scenes is shockingly hit and miss. But if it’s a poison or the tiniest fiber or hair, Sister Boniface is on it. She’s more up to speed on the latest forensic techniques than the Police. Sister Boniface nun might be predisposed to forgive – but she’s also one heck of an amateur detective. 

Also by their sides: high-flying but buttoned-up Bermudian Detective Sergeant Felix Livingstone, who is left reeling by a cast of eccentric local characters and his boss’s reliance on a nun. Felix was supposed to be on secondment to the Metropolitan Police but an administrative error lands him in Great Slaughter. Although as Sam points out, that “Nun” ensures they have the highest clean-up rate in the county.

In April of 2023, the acclaimed, light-hearted murder-mystery series returns for Season 2, along with its eponymous Vespa-driving, crime-solving Catholic nun. With her aptitude for detective work, Sister Boniface has become an invaluable asset to the Great Slaughter Police Department. This season, the sister will force a murderer into checkmate at a chess tournament, take a spin through a pirate radio station, and defend her reputation as the conviction of her greatest adversary,” The Pear Tree Poisoner,” comes into question.

Countryside criminals should start saying their Hail Marys, as Boniface’s faith in forensics is only rivaled by her passion for investigation.

Watch it on the BritBox website. or with the BritBox Prime Video Add-on Channel, here. Both offer free trials. Watch the trailer below.

The period drama is produced by BBC Studios and created by Jude Tindall, who brought us “Father Brown,” based on the character created by G.K. Chesterton. The period series comes from the award-winning team behind hit series like “Father Brown” and “Shakespeare & Hathaway.

About BritBox: BritBox is a digital video subscription service offering the largest collection of British TV in the U.S. and Canada. Created by two British content powerhouses—BBC Studios, the subsidiary arm of the BBC, and ITV, the UK’s biggest commercial broadcaster—the service features iconic favorites, exclusive premieres, and current series and soaps—most available within 24 hours after their UK premiere. 

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