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“Father Brown” fans who watched the second episode of season 11 saw the charismatic clergyman sleuth put his investigative powers to the test when his old friend Sister Boniface was implicated in the murder of a renowned artist.

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The episode, named “The Forensic Nun,” acts as a great lead-in to the 1960s-set “Sister Boniface Mysteries,” making it the perfect time for newcomers to start watching the spin-off series. 

Now in its third season on BritBox, “Sister Boniface Mysteries” is a light-hearted murder mystery set deep in the British countryside, and stars Lorna Watson as a clever, Vespa-driving, crime-solving Catholic nun.

“Sister Boniface Mysteries” returns to BritBox in April 2024 with 8 new episodes. Read on for details about the caper-filled new season of “Sister Boniface Mysteries” including the release date, and to watch the trailer.

Sister Boniface Mysteries (Season 3)
North American Premiere April 24, 2024: 2 episodes weekly

In season 3 of the BritBox Exclusive “Sister Boniface Mysteries,” Lorna Watson returns with a guest cast including Rupert Vansittart (Gentleman Jack), Siobhan Redmond (Queens of Mystery) and Timothy West (Last Tango in Halifax).

Sister Boniface Mysteries (Season 3), courtesy BritBox

Britain is in the worst winter on record. In a retelling of “Murder on the Orient Express,” Sister Boniface and her fellow travelers are stranded in a train after a frozen coupling snaps, leaving the last carriages stranded in snow. When The Star of the Orient, a precious jewel, is stolen from its safe and a passenger is discovered murdered, Sister Boniface must use her exceptional detection skills to decide who among the suspects is responsible.

Sister Boniface Mysteries (Season 3), courtesy BritBox

Elsewhere in the series a famous organist is murdered mid-tune in the chapel, Great Slaughter’s first sci-fi convention results in a mysterious kidnapping, and a ‘dead cert’ at the screen tests for the new ‘Agent Best’ ends up dead.

To top it all, Felix has a challenge of his own when his fiancée Victoria arrives from Bermuda with an ultimatum which could change everything.

Need to catch up? “Sister Boniface Mysteries” is AVAILABLE to STREAM

Free trials of BritBox are available through their website and as a Prime Video add-on channel.

Watch the trailer below.

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