Last Updated on July 27, 2021

A new period-set reality series, “Pride & Prejudice: An Experiment in Romance,” is in the works… and the show is looking for people to join the cast. Who better to apply than Willow and Thatch readers? 

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Did you watch Regency House Party on PBS, and think that’s how you’d like to meet your suitable match? Or maybe you relate to the characters in Lost in Austen, or Austenland, and are ready to find your own Mr. Darcy, even though you live in modern times?

If so, read on! The link to apply to “Pride & Prejudice: An Experiment in Romance,” and just maybe live out the fantasy, is at the end of the page. The rest of us look forward to watching you find true love worthy of Elizabeth Bennet, Regency-style. For those of you who live in England, see the end of the page for how to apply to be an extra. 

Peacock announced the series order of “Pride & Prejudice: An Experiment in Romance,” an all-new Regency-style dating series that will require hopeful suitors to bring the ultimate romance back to dating.

The streaming network that lets you watch all of Downton Abbey for free might be able to help you find your Mr Darcy. They ask: “Is modern dating life failing you? Do you long for a night of romance, chariot rides, and balls? Want to pursue love in a whimsical, international location?”

Peacock will transport the selected heroine and “eligible, hopeful suitors to a beautiful, international location, where they will get to experience what dreams are made of and be fully immersed in a time-traveling quest for love.”

In the end, the heroine and her suitors will discover if the ultimate romantic experience will find them true love.

A heroine looking for her “duke” (guess Peacock is riding the Bridgerton wave!) will sign up for the ultimate social experiment in romance.

Transported to a Regency-style England, a group of eligible hopeful suitors will have to win the heart of our heroine, and her court.

Regency House Party, courtesy Channel 4

Housed in a castle on the countryside, set on a beautiful backdrop of rolling hills, the heroine and suitors will experience the things dreams are made of.

From carriage rides and boat rides on the lake to archery and handwritten letters to communicate, they will be immersed in a time-traveling quest for love. In the end, our heroine and her suitors will discover if the ultimate romantic experience will find them true love.

Among other things, to apply to be the heroine or one of the hopeful suitors, you’ll need to be single, at least 21 years of age as of July 23, 2021, have a passport, and be available to live internationally for up to a consecutive 7 weeks tentatively scheduled for August 23- October 8. Peacock also wants to see a 20-second video telling them why you are “ready to find love in an unprecedented way.” 

Ready to apply? That’s here.

If you live in the UK and want to be an extra in “Pride & Prejudice: An Experiment in Romance,” here’s how to apply. The producers are looking for enthusiastic people from the UK with their own Regency period costumes to be supporting actors in the background of some of the scenes. Filming will be taking place in York, UK in September 2021 – so you must be able to travel/be close to York. To apply, please email with your name, age, location, a picture of you and a picture of your Regency period outfit.

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