What is Willow and Thatch? Willow and Thatch is a website dedicated to the historical / costume / period movie and TV genre. We review period films, offer suggestions of what to watch, and give historical perspective on series and movies. We also share news about the media and entertainment industry as it pertains to the films we love, and release dates for period dramas on television and in cinema.

We are based in the US, so while we sometimes share premiere dates for England / UK and beyond, our focus is on the US. 

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Thank you for stopping by to learn more about the best period and costume dramas like those from England’s BBC, PBS’ Masterpiece (and some period documentaries, docudramas and reality pieces alongside the period film reviews).

Willow and Thatch is created out of the love of period dramas & the joy of living a graceful, grateful lifestyle filled with beauty so we share the things that lovers of period films love: antique, vintage and contemporary treasures for the farmhouse, cottage home and garden (monogrammed textiles, apron dresses, transferware!) and so much more, because the world is filled with lovely. We’ll also explore places to visit in the UK and elsewhere, inspired by period film locations. And of course, Willow and Thatch is dedicated to having the most extensive, carefully researched and curated list of Best Period Films, all sorted by era and theme.

If you’d like to begin by reading at the first post, start here, after you’ve settled in with a good cup of tea. And if you feel moved to let others know about Willow and Thatch, that would be especially loved and lovely. Feel free to get in touch for collaborations, or just to say hello, or to inquire about advertising on Willow and Thatch.

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